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IMS Held a Meet and Greet with Media Throughout West Java

Kutub.id – International Media Support (IMS) held a Meet and Greet with local media throughout West Java at Seinkiri Coffee Kitchen Space on Tuesday (25/10/2022). The meeting was attended by representatives from Bandung Bergerak, Kutub.id, Digitalmama, Radar Bandung, Sokoguru from Bandung and Kapol.id from Tasikmalaya.

The meeting brought together IMS Media Advisor, Henrik Grunnet and IMS Program Manager for Indonesia, Eva Danayanti, to talk about how to reach audience for local media. In addition, the event was also hosted by Vanessa Shania as a translator.

The event was opened with introductions from each media and also an explanation of these media covering problems, constraints, revenue, history and so on.

One of the obstacles is the difficulty of reaching the audience via social media which is then responded by Henrik Grunnett to set goals and focus on concentrating on only one social media.

It is also important to create social media content that is tailored to the wishes of our audience instead of creating content that we want but the audience does not like.

“Instead of creating the content we want, create the content our audience wants. Know our audience to know what they wanted” said Grunnet in response to the phenomenon.

In addition to talking about how to engage with the audience, IMS also promotes an international-based website called mediabridge.org. A media that focuses heavily on the environment with contributors from all over Indonesia.

“You can register and then write your story on the website so that it can be reached by an international audience.” Eva said. Anyone can fill the media as long as the content can attract international attention.

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