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IMS, SEJUK and AJI Bandung Facilitates Workshop on Diversity in Media

Kutub.id- The Journalist Association for Diversity (SEJUK) along with Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Bandung and International Media Support (IMS) held a workshop for journalist at developing safe space and diversity for vulnerable and minorities community.

The program involving selected participants from several cities in West Java region was held for three days from Friday – Sunday (3/11-13/2022) at Harris Hotel & Conventions Festival Citylink, Bandung.

It was held in order to increase journalists’ understandings on diversity issues including member of minorities’ rights, religions & beliefs as well as victim of sexual abuse.

“We hope you all will start to write article regarding vulnerable groups in better and proper framing,” stated Chief of AJI Bandung, Tri Joko, at his opening speech.

The workshop attended by 20 journalists from 17 local media were originated from Bandung, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Pangandaran, Garut, Kuningan and Cirebon.

They’ve been gathered in order to share experiences, struggles and opinions regarding reporting the vulnerable groups in different working area.

Not only did they equipped with new or refreshed insights on diversity, but also being met with the member to discuss the reality and grievance to meet mutual understandings and broaden the journalists’ perspectives.

“My perspectives were opened after meeting the member of vulnerable groups which I previously only read it on my colleague’s report,” stated one of the participants, Mildan Abdalloh.

To ensure journalists security while reporting certain issues, the program also facilitated them with information and steps to secure their data and safety.

The material that was presented by Adi Marsiela helped them securing their digital safety by following certain steps, including installment of Google Authenticator and implementation of two steps verification on every applications.

Lastly, the development in journalists’ perspectives and understanding were hoped to be a milestone for more inclusive news and media agencies, concluded one of SEJUK facillitator, Tantowi Anwari, at the end of the agenda.

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