Sabtu, September 23, 2023

Kabar Sejuk and Magdalene Provided a Workshop on Constructive Journalism for Jakarta and West Java Journalists – Kabar Sejuk and Magdalene encouraged Indonesian journalists to take a new approach on reporting called constructive journalism. Workshop on the said issue was held at Bogor on August 6-7th, 2022 and were attended by 25 journalists from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bandung, Garut, Majalengka and Cirebon. 

It is a new approach evolved since 2007 and was first introduced by Berlingske Media. Not only did reporting aim to give information as it is, constructive journalism intended to create an impact for humanities by their report. 

“Journalism is indeed a mirror to the situation. Covering an issue as it is without any impact other than informing. But its function was not only that. It is also a mould to create a new perspective on the reported issue.” Said Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Magdalene, Devi Asmarani

Most of the participants agreed to the statement, yet, they were wandering about the obstacles faced by the journalist in order to achieve constructive reporting. Some obstacles are based on the Indonesian spectacle’s perspective who are mostly conservative.

“How do we do constructive journalism without losing spectacles? How to maintain idealism?” Asked one of the participants, Bambang. Asmarani answered that we need to keep maintaining the idealism as long as we have a good niche that attracts spectacles.

Constructive journalism also encourages women and gender minorities to reclaim their rights by constructing a new perspective on SOGIESC in the media. One of the ways to achieve it is by creating equity in the newsroom. 

“Equity is giving the right proportion to everyone’s needs. The bigger one gets 1 box in order for the smaller one to get the same access. Women are no longer placed in lifestyle desks, they can also be placed in politics desks, vice versa.” Said Asmarani. 

The participants hoped that the workshops are not only held for journalists but also for the media’s stakeholders. In order to make a united perspective in making an equal newsroom and pursuing constructive journalism. 

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