Sabtu, September 23, 2023 and Provides Tips on Securing Personal Data for Young People, Bandung Bergerak,, Kemenkominfo, Siber Kreasi, Portkesmas, and ICT Watch held a series of workshop regarding digital safety entitled “Bandung #MakinMelekDigital”. The program was carried out at Nahdlatul Ulama West Java Region Administrator (PWNU), Thursday (5/19/2022). 

The agenda initiated by was presented by PWNU’s Media Center Director, Iip D. Yahya; Editor in Chief of, Suwarjono; Editor in Chief of, Siti Latifah; and Executive Director of ICT Watch, Indriyatno Banyumurti.

The participants attended the agenda hybrid, 70 participants attending online and 30 attending on site. They were trained to hone their digital skill by material presentation of digital existence, content monetization, digital safety and the importance of women’s role on social media. 

“Content creation depends on our literacy skill, a good and excellent content was produced by a skilled writer, and a skilled writer based on persistent reader” explained Iip D. Yahya regarding excellent quality production. 

Regarding the sustainability of content creators, Suwarjono added the importance of collaboration for internet engagement increase. “Content-creating needs sustainability for establishing the content and as the support for the creator’s livelihood” described him. 

In spite of collaboration, a niche content has more probability of revenue-earning than those which have not. “Even though it has less followers, a niche content has the power to attract sponsors to promote their product on the platform,” Suwarjono said. 

Unfortunately, women’s presence on the internet is less than men’s. In an experiment by Hootsuite, only women ranging from 13-17 age dominated the men’s digital presence. 

“Women’s technology mastery skill is less than men’s because they have less access to information and education,” commented Siti Latifah regarding the presented data. 

It was added by women’s lack of internet access time caused by their domestic affairs. The imbalance resulted from the patriarchal culture in Indonesia. 

The agenda was closed by material presented on hoax prevention and private data preservation by identifying signs of hoax and fact-checking through site. The participant was also asked to check their email and social media safety level. 

The participants were expected to increase their digital prowess and skill. Furthermore, they were expected to be hoax eradicator agents by spreading fact-checking methods for hoax clarifications. 

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