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Vanessa Shania, The First BPK Penabur’s Student Researching Interfaith

Kutub.id – 4 years ago, a final student from BPK Penabur High School was confused about the title of a scientific paper that was a requirement for her graduation. She is Vanessa Shania, a woman of Chinese descent who at that time was 18 years old.

Sasa, as she is usually called, initially wanted to bring the theme of the history of foreign countries such as France or Russia as the topic of her final assignment. However, the titles she submitted continued to be rejected by her supervisor.

After watching a television program showing the presidential and vice presidential candidacy of Jokowi and Ma’ruf Amin, Sasa was then interested in finding out about the figure of the vice presidential candidate who was foreign for her. 

The girl who was born in Bandung on November 26, 2000 met with a term called Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). Her knowledge of NU at that time was only limited to community organizations.

Her interest in the figure of KH Ma’ruf Amin encouraged him to know more about Nahdlatul Ulama.She found that NU has continued to exist with various statuses since its founding in 1926.

Her new knowledge of NU piqued her interest further until she finally set the topic as the title of her high school final project. This interfaith theme made her a little confused because no one in the 68-year history (in 2018) of the founding of BPK Penabur was interested in bringing up the topic.

“Thanks God,” she said, when the title “Contribution of Nahdlatul Ulama during the New Order Period when it returned to Khittah 1926” was approved by her supervisor. Then, young Sasa in a white and gray uniform made up her mind to go to the nearest known NU office to complete her research.

Provided with a letter of introduction from the school, she entered the PCNU Office and stated her intentions. However, the treasury of books there is not sufficient and it is recommended to visit the office of the NU Regional Board of West Java Province instead.

She went to Jl. Galunggung Canal where the office is located. There she was  welcomed and received enough material for her scientific writings.The intensity of her visit to the West Java PWNU office made her familiar with many interfaith friends. Starting from regional officials to friends who are not far in age.

After her work is finished, besides being reported to her school, the work is also stored neatly in the West Java PWNU library. Even though her duties have been completed and she is now continuing her education at the Law Department at Parahyangan Catholic University, Sasa continues to stay in touch intensely at the West Java NU office.

Joining in iftar events, halal-bihalal and many others, makes Sasa feel at home with this place. For her, the warmth of PWNU made her then dub PWNU as his second home.

Until now, Vanessa is still actively participating in other interfaith activities. Such as the interfaith discussion held by Huria Kristen Indonesia and the United Evangelical Mission on Saturday (2/7/2022).

She hopes that activities that encourage tolerance will continue to be carried out. As a closing statements, Sasa said, “the key to the realization of diversity is to try to understand each other’s differences.The existence of NU is none other than because of its openness to other religions and beliefs,” she concluded.

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